Friday, June 6, 2008

Golden Beauty

Don't you love when im out of school and you can get blogs from me nearly everyday as opposed to about once a week?
I know you are!
Anyway, check out this BEAUTIFUL celestial being which came out of the polymer clay and declared herself an angelic figure! She has ascended the butterfly person stage and is a golden beauty (metamorphosis anyone?), words cannot express her sheer beauty and pictures cannot capture it.
Check her out!

Do you recognize her?
Hint: one blog down she was featured...
Yep, shes the little muse from the park, she grew up into quite the work of art... Im absolutely in love.

Before... park girl, sitting on fire hydrant (eew)

After... thus mellowed to that celestial light which heaven too gaudy day denies!

1 comment:

sweetestangel said...

You are right she is gorgeous! I hope all angels have that happy radiance. I absolutely love her. Thank you for sharing her with the world.