Monday, September 29, 2008

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR - why my site changed, whats happening to the butterfly people?

So my website changed without warning or reason, now is the time. Lets sit back, relax and see if we can discuss the reasons behind the change for any who are besides themselves from loosing their precious butterfly people. First off, they have not been lost, they were re-named because of the direction they are taking in life. The Butterfly People are more and more heading into the direction of being life coaches. You laugh, but its true, they are inspiring people like crazy, and this inevitable transition is due to my cease of creating the depressed fairys (which people actually loved). The figures now come with slogans, written directly on them, or on signs they are carrying. The point must be made clear why they were created, and that is for positive affirmations. The new Affirmation figures will still have real butterflies in their cases (relief for some of you), while others will not. The butterfly is present symbolism for freedom, and spiritual realization and ascent. I still have, and the blog is still, however I also have which will be how the site is utilized from now on. To celebrate this "metamorphosis" I have taken the idea of cocooned figures a step further and they will be highly symbolic of all of the change that is happening around us, the seasons are changing, for me my career is changing, our president will change, NYC is doing much change through construction, and most of all, the butterfly people have gone from larva, into the cocoon and now will reincarnate into Affirmation Figures, a big change on their part. More info on the cocoons and how they are developing and will be displayed to come in the next blog.

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