Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Mask

Although the figure looks "gothic" on the surface, the figure primarily represents concealment.  Literally and figuratively.  The figure was actually made a certain way, and then "covered up", not just with a mask, but with black clay all over her body.  The original figure had a green shirt on, green spaghetti-like hair, and a multi-colored skirt.  After creating her this way, I layered more clay on top of the figure to appear as tattered cloth, black for protection and ultimate concealment.  Vestiges of her undergarments can be seen even with the black clay on.  Finally a wig of spiral black clay covered her green locks, and lips of black over her pink and a oversized mask which even conceals her eyes since the slots are on her forehead. 

Secondly and more importantly, the figure represents LOVE, yes this "dark" figure is actually one full of hope, promise, and pouring out of love.  This is the focal-point of the entire masterpiece, it exists in her heart center.  Her heart overflows with love like a river of stars and that is something she can never hide. Pour out your heart, first to yourself and then to the world.

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