Sunday, January 30, 2011

Six little polymer clay birds

I made six birds yesterday, I am very excited about them because they are so very beautiful.  I made three macaws, one red, and two will be blue, I also made my most favorite bird in the world, our own native blue jay.  Blue Jays will always remind me of my childhood in tidewater, in Suffolk there were mostly cardinals, but tidewater which was more urban had many many red breast robins and the elusive blue jay which I always and still do find beautiful, especially for a North American bird.  The last bird is a quetzal which will be green and red.  This bird is the national bird of Guatemala and is amazing, they even call the currency there quetzales named after this beautiful creature.  As you know I visited Guatemala in August and the experience had a tremendous impact on my self so this is a tribute, the quetzal will be in its own habitat in a little plastic box with lots of tropical flowers inside.  The macaws will be in a similarly decorated box with oversized flowers while the blue jays will be in a box with the standard American flowers, which i am not sure, perhaps roses or something. 

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