Saturday, February 19, 2011


At 5.08cm (2im) tall, this little one has a big story.  Across the chest is scribbled "Gratitude" because we have so much to be thankful for.  I have been using positive affirmations for a while, and am in the process of positively creating during most times.  I realize that I am creating at all times with the thoughts I think and the words I speak, even with this blog which is why I am posting it, to solidify a abstract idea I have right now about what has occurred lately.  I feel I deserve, I finally feel I deserve, for once in my life, and from now on, I feel I deserve.  Deserving is integral because if we feel that we do not, we will either not let good into our life, or reject it when it comes whether it is on a conscious or unconscious level. 
Since my openness to deserving, and using affirmations of prosperity, and general good, miracles have been happening.  They began with "everything going my way" such as getting green lights all the time or always being on the opposing side whenever there is heavy traffic.  Its amazing.  Today there were so many distinct gifts of prosperity, just all day was amazing.  Last night I affirmed a good day, today I totally reaped it.  The workday flew by with energy, my diet was totally healthy and raw vegetable-fruit based, I relaxed when needed, and when I left work a voice mail was there from an old neighbor at Unique, he needed butterflies.  When I got home, There was a check in the mail from a client I had made a sculpture for but had forgotten about.  Also the mail carrier had left a notice for me to pick up a package I have been waiting for since November which I had feared lost in the mail, but kept hope alive and affirmed that it was on its way safely... shocking!  Instead of saying my old affirmation, "I don't believe it" or "its believable" I say, "I BELIEVE IT!" which keeps it happening over and over again, the universe is not out to prove us wrong, it is out to express our inner beliefs.  Anyway, I sold all the butterflies and when leaving was asked to sell my sculptures at a business setting (in someone elses store)... wow, I have wanted that for sometime now and know they will all sell... amazing!  I got home and more prosperity on the internet when checking my onilne banking, it just keeps rolling in, so I knew right away that after a day like this, the way to end it would be to create a tribute, for gratitude is necessary, it is a way of telling the universe that you acknowledge its gifts of prosperity, no matter how big or small, all of them, and that you are open and receptive for more.  When you have gratitude, the universe knows that you are ready for more, and more will come your way.  Believe me, I am living proof.

So I created this little one, a little whimsical one, representing gratitude, thanks, thankfulness. 
I want a little collection of these "affirmation figures" with all sorts of words on them:
gratitude, prosperity, abundance, trust, creative, changing, inspiration, thank you, money, love, success, safety, support, happy, wonderful, health, spirit, mind, body, amazing, wonder, great, energy, content, balance, universe. 


Whydiss said...

Pedro you totally are living proof. I have loved your work from afar and watched your progress both artistically and spiritually. Am feeling it.

Affirmation Figures said...

:) Thanks.
Its just incredible what changing your thoughts can do for your life, I have been wondering lately if everyone on the planet took a week off to focus on "good" and love, what sort of shift might take place... maybe soon!