Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pedro Ramirez thinks of Butterflies

Pedro Ramirez does indeed.
Today I found myself in NYC with an hour before I had to work so unlike previous days where I just went to work early, I instead walked to central park, while watching one of the street vendors I had a vision of what the new girls will look like.  They are woodland nymphs, they are fairies, they have real butterfly wings, and they are tiny.  Perhaps its a bit of the trip to the Catskills, or the dream with my mom in it from a couple of nights ago, maybe even the realization that the gimmick which was the real butterfly wings on the girls has finally caught on to the last person to accept it which was me.  I love the IMAGINATION aspect of creating tiny people with wings, it ignites something inside, inspires a sense of wonder.  
As many of you know it took me a while to stop the censorship, that was the criticism of what is art, what is craft, and the difference between high and low art and the material one works in.  Well, my polymer clay fairies are back and there here to stay. 

so stay tuned for the new girls with clera glass-wing butterfly wings, I have them all planned out in my head, they are painted, they have 'parts' of nature in their boxes, and they are wonderful!  And as of now they exisit only in my mind. 

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