Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wheel Thrown, encrusted, sculpted, pottery

So this is the "pushed in pot" from before, I have built up on it.  Using some of the design elements that were on an earlier pot that I had recycled, I have sprouts and what looks like a garden around the top of the vase, this gives way to flowers and sculpted trimming elements which are textured like rock or lichen.  The central figure is pregnant, full of life, and her arms are abstracted to encircle the opening of the vase, she emerges from the opening and offers the abundance of the natural world.

The pot and its concentric throwing rings remains.  The other pots were totally covered over with sculpted elements, but I feel it is important to show the heritage of the creative process, plus it is important for the pot to be recognized as a wheel thrown work, not to be mistaken as a coil pot.  There has to be balance I have learned, some sculpting mixed with bare "land".  Something I may keep doing is working with symmetry.  This work due to its inherit symmetry in the original thrown form has continued through to the actual composition, it is asymmetrical but symmetrically divided and executed. 

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