Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prelude to a blog

Hi everybody, apparently my blog is going to be updated weekly, it seems I have time on Thursdays to make stuff and sometime after that but before Monday to post pictures and write about the creation process, my new blog will feature some neat things, for one, a piece that marks a threshold in my work, my first pregnant figure, and she also has the best hands I have ever sculpted which as always been a problem for me, goodbye hand molds, sculpting them is much more attractive (im talking about the large figures here). Im also going to dredge up some older concepts I had but abandoned like the flower people I used to make, I made a couple of those, and also the small figures with text on them, I like to make these becaue they sort of shove things in your face... instead of seeing something "cute" which you can check out my blog or etsy store and read about its meaning only to discover it represents encouragement, its a bit more research oriented than me just writing "encouragement" on it. The downside? That some people dont like what I write on them, especially when I get philosophiacal, but though cookies, I like to think about things like do we really have free will? Is life absurd/does it really have purpose? Are we spiritual beings or physical war-causing, money grubbing, materialistic beings who only want to accumulate more instead of making a difference? :) You never know what side ill be on unless you pay attention! Anyway, here is one little one I did today, she signifys nothing! Only a little figure in a flower, how simple is that?

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