Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Butterfly Blessing - Custom Order

Today I read a book entitled “Our Butterfly Blessings” (Personal journal of healing peace love and hope after suicide) written by Sharon Gorker Norris. Get it online This book was an interesting read and its not like I haven’t heard about peoples experiences with butterflies before after a love one was lost, yet this book was different because their son took his own life and in a way the book goes about in a non confrontational way to debunk the belief that those who take their own lives go to hell or some other dark place. I cant say I didn’t believe peoples butterfly stories, but I did often say things like, “lots of cemeteries are full of flowers and perhaps butterfly bushes,” but this past May my grandmother died and after taking some time alone outside by myself on the beautiful day, thinking how she would never see another such day, the skeptic in me was completely destroyed when a butterfly happily fluttered around me, I burst into tears in that instant.
This book was sent to me by Mrs. Norris’ nephew who wants me to design a butterfly person for her… what a feat after reading the book, I feel pressure. What if they don’t like it? Should I make it look like Ryan’s photograph? I'm not sure. I do know that today I will embark on the creative journey and see what comes out, I will not sketch it, but I do have a few ideas, one of them is that I want to create a child figure to show the innocence that was in him before he grew up, when he still loved butterflies and before his illness took hold of him. I want to have a great spangled fritillary butterfly inside since it was in his collection and the first butterfly to appear to the victims younger sister. The archetype of being at home with God or the heavenly father is recurring in the book and I would actually like to make a child sitting or sleeping in Gods hands, but that would be quite difficult to sculpt hands so huge. Enough talking, lets begin!

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