Sunday, July 6, 2008

A smaller version of the original (Tibet)

Remember my 13th century Tibetan Manuscript inspired red, gold, and black piece? Well, click Here if you haven't seen it. The reaction to her since I made her has been positive, people want prints of her on their wall, others commend me on the artistic surface expression as far as being hand painted goes, yet she still is with me, not that I mind, but I thought I would make a more affordable smaller version of her, or at least based on her for people to buy. I actually got a good reaction to her on the subway yesterday (I hand carried her home after the street fair which was great by the way).

She is quite detailed, she has all the same patterns on her as the original but I also put small crystal stones in her legs and arms, and yet the most important part of her is the marble. This is a very special marble to me, I don't know why I have been giving all my possessions away lately in my work, but this marble I've had since 1999 when I was part of the group at the hermitage museum in Norfolk Virginia which was called ArtQuest, this was headed by Tom Crockett and really was a great experience for me. Anyway, ive had it since, I used to have it in my little altar we built to worship the four directions but now am ready to give it away, its reflective, but only semi opaque greenish-blue and inside of it are some bubbles, I've never seen a marble quite like it though I'm sure they exist.

below are some before and after pictures of her as well as her next to the larger one she was based off of.

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