Thursday, November 5, 2009

TearPetal exists!

 Tearpetal is the latest and greatest work of art I have made. She is a figure solely made for me to paint a design that I have held in my head for sometime. The inspiration came out of nowhere (not from stained glass!), but I envisioned three tear-shaped objects on a figure, the three objects being repeated and outlined. What occurred was a design reminiscent of scales, teardrops, or flower petals. She is Tear Petal because the shapes are blue and yellow, the blue being the teardrops and the yellow petals. Kind of like blissful sorrow, Tear Petal is the new oxymoron!
I wanted to finish the piece after she is colored in with the three separated bunches like in the picture when I'm holding her, but I felt she looked a bit unfinished since these are small, there is a need for me to cover them almost completely. So I didn't continue the design because that was done for sure, I simply created some black lines and filled them in in spots and left them empty in others. Can you tell I am happy with this piece? I am! If I wasn't, there would be no blog :-D

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