Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miniature Frida Kahlo in polymer clay

Its Frida Kahlo!
Hey, cut me some slack... not all artists get the face right on the first try.

I scratched that face off, and proceeded to try again, ending up with the face below. I also made a shawl as to help distinguish her as Frida.

Much better! I also needed to put the braided hair atop the head so she would be easily recognizable as Frida, so I actually braieded pieces of clay together, very crafty.

I got the braids going and also made some tiny flowers

I repositioned the head to face the "side I liked better" (the one without the feet showing), and cured/baked the clay, she is now complete!

Frida has a painted on face because I feel that with all of her self portraits, the 2-dimensional face makes sense and helps distinguish her as Frida. I have done Frida caricatures with sculpted faces and I prefer this method, especially with something this tiny. The figure definitely is a hybrid between craft and sculpture, as most of my art is. Here she is with the two figures from my last few blogs, each is a different kind of figure, each has its own appeal in different ways but I made Frida in the old way of making figures and wouldn't count her in the highly detailed new figure category because her hair was simplified, not put on strand by strand, her hands were made in the old style "mitten", and she has no toes or sculpted ears, everything is simplified, which I do like though, and she is a work of art in her own right.

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Tammy and Rob said...

She is beautiful!!
You may hear from me soon for some christmas gifts ;)