Sunday, October 25, 2009

Im back!

Im back, like forreal now.  The creativity is finally flowing and I am going to be creating some tiny wonders.  Small is the way to go for me right now and I will be creating some very detailed and yet minute things.  I was thinking about my first order of business besides buying smaller brushes would be to make a henna girl in miniature, it would be so very beautiful, though I feel sorry for those with bad eye sight who cannot see what I make.  More time spent on each piece means more detail… no more “mitten” hands, each figure will have five fingers and toes.  They will also be masterpieces in their own right, larger does not mean more prestigious, I have found this out the hard way though sometimes in the art world it may seem that way.   No matter the size of a work of art, its what you put into it.  That said, there will be an understandable increase in price with the increase in quality and effort ;-)

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