Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mehndi is done!

My visions have become REALITY!
Today I made my henna girl, I love her, I love, love, love her!
I put a really fast video up on youtube showing the progression of the figure, below are a few pics.

She is detailed, and gorgeous, her size alone makes her appealing (she is only one and three quarters of an inch tall) and all that hand painted goodness begs to be shown off, I cant wait to go street vending with her!
She is like some of my past henna girls, only less than half their size! She fits into the smallest cubes.
Up next on my "to make list" is an affirmation figure followed by some of the "flower girls" which will remain the same old price, but have new faces... faceless so to speak... well, painted on. You will see.

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