Saturday, October 17, 2009


The acorn man is DONE, and to deal with the touchy subject of nudity, I will from this time on put photos showing (this is silly to me since its just polymer clay, but whatever) nudity will be within the post and you will have to click on read more to see it/read the rest of the post.  Anyway, the pieces of the puzzle were put together and the muse who brought along the acorns was revamped. I had to build up his legs, arms, and the center of his body a bit.  He was painted with the inspired design from blogs before, and also sits on it, as well as the multitude of colorful acorn cupiles which were inspired by the real thing.  Oh Norfolk, Virginia, little yellow house on Tidewater drive and your white oaks with intensely bright green acorns...

after the jump, see the dude man uncensored as he is nude.

Everyone wants to know why.
Why is he nude, because this is freedom you guys, I shall be able to make nude men as well as nude females, one cannot be accepted over the other, the acorns have become modules representing art and design, nature is always primary in creating inspiration for many mass-produced things.

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