Sunday, May 2, 2010

The art of Birds & three new works

The birds are here!

I have recently wanted to make some birds. I have always loved making birds in ceramic and play dough in the past, and once upon a time on tidewater drive, had access to the most beautiful color photographs of birds of the world in our home encyclopedia collection. I used to draw birds of all sorts flying in formation together heading south for the winter. Well, now I want to bring a little piece of my past to light and make some birds, I really want to make some blue jays, red breast robins and perhaps a cardinal or two. These birds fascinated me (especially the first two) and I often spent long hours observing them and their behavior.

This first round of figures with birds though consists of the peace bird, the dove, or just a white bird symbolizing peace. The birds give a sense of ease and also of wonderment because they are small. I used my angel face mold to create the face of the mother and baby statuette which is very popular. I didn’t even realize until recently that mothers day is heading our way. Two of the sculptures below sold immediately, so they did not stick around for long, but no worries, more works of art coming soon. Many with birds.

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