Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspired from... beyond

I picked up clay while talking to Issac and Joe yesterday at the shop and this piece came out just from me idly playing with the clay.  Sometimes things come from the subconscious, or maybe even the BEYOND!

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Anonymous said...

you see? i channeled mayan civilisation for you! i didn't even know about this post, you lucky thing, you! go to south america. go where the Spirit, *your* spirit, leads you. there are new channels for you to get to. there are new ventures and all the good things ahead of you. this is where you will get noticed. south america. you will talk to the Indian people living there and you will be inspired by them, their culture, their lives. and you will re-create it in your art. kudos and good luck. don't be afraid to experience something new and unknown. the unknown is waiting for you to touch it, to reach it, and become it.