Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sadness will subside

The sad girls were finished up today, their cases embellished with dried seed pods and beautiful owl butterfly wings.  A couple have surprises behind the figures not apparent at first glace, like a bird nest with eggs… thanks mister Jimmy Franco! 
The unicorn emblem has been painted on the girls as a symbol of strength and spiritual power and ferocity coupled with gentleness and mystery.  The unicorn will help them to find understanding and forgiveness.  No one should ever be told not to be sad, sadness is an emotion which should be felt, experienced, not swept away.  Feel sad, experience it, but do not continue to feel sad unduly forever, when the time of grieving comes to an end, forgive yourself or the other parties, or both, and allow understanding to come in, forgive everyone in your life for not being the way YOU wanted them to be, forgive, and move forward into the present moment.

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Anonymous said...

p.s. i like your new blog. you just keep evoleving into who you really are, don't you? don't be afraid of that. accept it and you will see how far you fly!