Saturday, December 18, 2010

Floral Wall Hanging

This is a TRUE affirmation figure.  Although she doesn't have any actual affirmations written on her, her story is one of such good and wonderfulness that I HAVE to share it. 

First off all I will say that I began making affirmation figures during my street vending days because I had a theory.  I thought that if I made figures that reminded people of WHY they were created or for what purpose then people would think of that thing and of course the more positive things we think about the better.  So maybe you have a crummy day and then you look over to the little figure next to your desk and think, "oh yea, that guy made that to represent peace in my heart," then maybe on some level peace would have a chance to enter the heart of this person.  Its like putting out positive thoughts and affirmations but literally.  Also I believe in the law of the universe that what we give out comes to us multiplied so I stopped making the figures that represented depression and sadness and loss.  I now am making figures of loss and depression but am relating to them in a positive way, affirming that the situation that caused them to be that way will be alleviated or that good will come into their life, for it is how we react to negative things that really matters.

Back to the figure.  So this figure is one that instead of having affirmations written on her, I have it all symbolized all the while being an interesting thing to look at aesthetically.
Her position was important to me because I listened to a lecture by Louise Hay about how the posture of audience members was an indication of how much GOOD they would allow into their lives.  I knew she had to be upright, but how to do it without a armature?  Have her be a wall hanging!   So here she is a figure reaching up to the sky arms outstretched and open and receptive to all good.
She smiles.  I do not often (at least right now) make figures smiling but something is so nice about looking at her smiling face, she is happy and I mean really happy.  The flowers grow out of her, they sprout from her arms and legs and are in such lush abundance on her body that she seems without form.  Although I love nature and animals, these particular flowers sprang from seeds.  Seed thoughts. 
The idea goes that the positive thought seeds that we plant today become the experiences of tomorrow, so the seeds she sew became the blossoms of perfection in her present, and the seeds she sews today will become the blooming, flourishing, abundant, prosperous experiences of her tomorrow... and it feels great, you can see it on her face.

So I made a listing on Etsy for her and also a very brief (shorter than this) video for youtube, she was inspired by the wall panels that I saw in guatemala, they used material that looked VERY much like cornstarch-based clays and had little squares become a big panel... often with figures with what? Flowers for the body... most of these were devotionals and of religious symbolism, mine are just as religious I say, for God wants us all to achieve prosperity... or rather what we can with our own potential which begins with our thoughts.
thanks for reading!

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