Friday, December 31, 2010

Last piece of 2010

When I was a little whipper snapper, In school I did not really pay much attention to the teacher, I often did one of two things while hoping for the school day to end.  I either stared out the window at the trees or sky as the wind blew outside, or when windows were not available, I would doodle in my notebooks or in the margins of the lined white paper, even on standardized tests!  Those days are now gone, and I went on to college to earn my degree, those doodles had seemed to be lost, giving way to stylized forms and images or what I thought would be profitable or acceptable by my audience.  Not anymore, now I lead, guiding my clients, and fans of my work through this blog, explaining what and why.  So comes this last piece of the amazingly productive 2010... I have never made more figures in a year, primarily due to my having a business, the 7-day a week venture of making multiple figures a day was amazing, I was like a machine, but the quality... yeah.  So anyway, I have realized that my doodles were journeys into my head, they were a concrete and accurate representation of me, no need to develop a certain style, no need to listen to those who say make art a certain way with a certain material... no, painted polymer clay is where we are at at the current moment, female figures with designs painted on them... no need for inspiration, the doodles/designs come from within, I totally let go and let the process take over for this girl and she is a jewel, very unique and even her pose is interesting, I did not have a idea on how much of her would be covered with what in what color, I just painted and you can see the result below.  Happy 2011 everyone. 

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