Friday, July 22, 2011

new figure, new body

Bla bla bla blogging!
So I was feeling like I was all dried up creatively until today.  I made a woman who is the first of a few girls that are being made to be used soon as "backup girls".  They are girls that will be used when I get inspired to paint!  I cannot always sculpt on the spot and sometimes designs need to be allowed out of my head faster than I can make a girl.
So anyway, here is one, I think she may be painted with a simple black or brown line drawings, maybe henna-esque with dark hair.  When sculpting her, I felt like I wanted a different take on the body.  Instead of HUGE breasts and wide hips, I wanted moderate yet still feminine hips and very small breasts with a large belly, perhaps one in which people might mistake her for pregnant.  People ask and ask and ask and are very interested in why a certain scultpures body looks a certain way, here is my explanation, I do what appeals to me, they are mine and thus I can express my ideal... this is not objectifying women.  Even if they had GIANT breasts, tiny waists, and Angelina Joile lips, they would not be being objectified if they were my creations and my personal ideals at the time.  My ideal at this moment (which could change tomorrow) is wide hips, small brasts, and a slightly protruding belly all on a body with elongated limbs and somewhat small feet and somewhat large hands.  here are some pictures of the girl I just finished.   You can see from the side photo how much her stomach really sticks out. 

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