Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tory work and the Guatemala lady in her natural scene

I took all of the items out of my etsy.com store (minifigure), and may be closing down the other (beautifulclayflowers).   I have deeply embraced the kitsch/novel cubes as of late.  Small things filled with lots of "stuff" really appeals to me.  Dont get me wrong "high art" is nice too, but there is something about the novel little figure in his/her happy habitat that really really speaks to my inner child, igniting a sense of wonder and imagination.

Below is a photo Tory took of a cube I recently gave her.

Below that is the latest work which has a figure/doll that I actually did not make, It is one of the worry dolls (the larger size) that I got when I was in Guatemala a year ago, it took me a whole year to use even one thing I took from there as I cherish my Pacific volcanic rocks and woven dolls very much, but I am ready to make lots of teeny tiny cubes (smaller than my current size of almost 2"x3") with the smallest worry dolls in them, with lots of moss, flowers and pottery :) life is good :)

One of my fondest Childhood memories of all was creating with Aunt Christyl a diorama out of an old shoe box and using cardboard and magazine clippings made the most amazing 3-D collage-style work of art I have ever seen.  There were rabbits, plants, and other things that memory does not serve me to remember :-p
Anyhoot, Im still that kid, and its a healing process to create these little wonders.  I never want to stop!

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Anonymous said...

I think what you do is amazing It wouldnt be a bad thing if more people took time out to take a peek into the micro envirioments u create and enjoy them for just being there