Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quirky Flowerpot head


Quirky flowerpot head or flower pothead, whichever you prefer, shes very nutty, every time I look at the photo above, I laugh. She is a celebration, I was going to write celebration of life on her chest, but ive been there, done that.

This cooky chick has a symmetrical asymetrical design on her body, hand painted by yours truly, its tear-dropesque, reminiscent of a work from the past I had done. She wears a mask/glasses and has beady eyes.

The most striking feature of the floral bouquet atop of her head! It is bursting forth wonderfully! A true celebration of life and abundance. Im happy about my eye surgery obviously, but also about all the other cool stuff happening in life as well and she shows it! The flowers are cold porcelain, while she is ceramic!

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