Saturday, October 22, 2011

why thank you for being... YOU

Today I wanted to write a blog thanking all the people who were out there who were not followers, who were on their own path of discovery and who by example helped others, and then I realized that if I did this in a way I would be saying that the other people who were not doing this were somehow not worthy or even wrong. I took it a thought further and thought that what about people supposedly doing a "good job" were they better or more clearly, more deserving of praise than those who were not? The answer is no, people on drugs are not to be condemned and those who are survivors to be praised, eveyrone is doing the best that they can in this lifetime no matter what the outcome. Its something I will probably try and learn my entire lifetime, and that is to live and let live... just let it be. True, things will please me and inspire me and they are great, but the contrast (as Esther Hicks says) is just as important since it helps us expand.

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