Monday, November 7, 2011

For Steve

I just had to make something as a thank you to Steve.  Steve is the driver at work, nice guy and all, but to my surprise when I got back to work after being out due to surgery, he had left a card for me from he and his family wishing me a healthy recovery.  I love any excuse to give the ladies away so although she didnt exist yet, I told him that tomorrow night I will bestow upon him a little lady with flowers that he can feel free to gift to his wife (or keep for himself), and here she is.  I thought she may take an hour or so and three hours later here I am finally posting the blog... whew!  Your eyes are not deceiving you, she has REAL butterfly wings, just like back in the day, a "standard butterfly person" as I once said in an iconic video clip.

1 comment:

Whydiss said...

She is beautiful... I have been a fan of your work since the butterfly days!