Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Projects

I have a summer project called 'Off of the Pot' which is kinda self explanatory, I'm going to do some sculpting on objects and perhaps even just encrusting encrustings which become the object themselves and make their own form.  Today I did one of the theriocephalic deities off of the pot (a cow head), as well as sculpting a small hollow object and also embellishing it with the usual flora and fauna found on the pots.  More to come, this is a project in exploring what mister Palissy called "rustiques figulines" (rustic pottery) where he would encrust the entire original surface with details, I am very into his work and really need to do some more research on him.  Here are some LQ cell phone shots.

Im thinking a golden calf and a green forest??

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