Monday, June 17, 2013

were rollin'

Ah, things are moving along quite nicely and happily.
Today I shipped some beautiful clay flowers out to New Mexico and have begun to populate my minifigure shop on etsy.

There they are, they will arrive perfectly I hope.
I have a dozen or more brand new figures ready to be listed on etsy, the only thing is to take the photographs and measure them and upload them to the shop.  My shop was very very fun back in 2008 and so many sales were made, but afterwards it was hit and miss depending on whether I was promoting or even utilizing the site... well I plan on putting EVERYTHING on there, even the works I take out to street vend (they will of course have to be taken down after I sell them).
Oh the shop is here in case you never checked it out but as of right now only two items remain... look through the old feedback to see the old stuff though kinda like a trip through memory lane.
So anyway, Im in love with brood II cicadas, they are friendly little fearless bugs who crawl on you and clumsily flutter about looking for someone to breed with.  I have humanely collected (from road kill mostly) about 200 wings which is about 50 figures worth, so get them while you can, after that its like seventeen years before I will be able to collect these perfectly sized wings again.  Check out some photos from the latest batch of winged beauties.

Now I will never get away with NOT calling them fairies, fae, faeries, fae folk, sprites, nymphs, because how  can I hide behind the term "butterfly people" if there are no butterfly wings in sight? :)
All figures pictured cept for that tiny one are about 1.5" in height. 

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