Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Piece - The Lovers (2008)

Today I would like to discuss my most recent piece, it is pretty big for my pieces, about six inches long and four inches tall, they are encased in a 7x5x5 inch cube. Although it looks geared for Valentines day, I made it late last month rather to celebrate love and sensuality. Every now and again I will make a pair of lovers and they are always my best work. The last two were clothed and painted on with eyes and hair but this piece I wanted to look less cartoonish and more sculptural so I left the clay uncolored and stained it a few times until it was the tint I wanted. The paint fell into the recesses and caused the details to show up better as well. Knowing well that not everyone will be able to afford this piece as much effort was put into it and I will be accepting no less than $100 for it, I have created a series of smaller versions of couples which are only going to be $10. These pieces are much smaller and less detailed but still really cute. I will be making at least ten of them, each will be posed slightly different but all will be a couple holding each other.

Below are pics of my little hand-held sized cuties, there will be about ten of these (similar but not exactly alike) made based on the large piece. $10/ea
They will be left nude but stained in brown as well to retain the "sculptural" feel.

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