Friday, January 11, 2008

New Store -

After closing my ebay store, I have opened up a new place just today at which I found out about due to an article in the NY Times. The site looks like it generates a lot of traffic and sales intrinsically so this could be not only a great resource for my current customers to buy my items easily and securely, but also a place to gain new exposure from a large market of buyers who have never seen my stuff before.

It is still being constructed and there are currently no items for sale, but my new store's web address is
They offer a widget-type thing that you can put on your website, and I am going to place one on my "Purchase" page instead of resorting to the PayPal shopping cart which I had planned on using for sometime now. I'm very pleased from what I see thus far and I have high hopes that this site will be keeping me very busy on those rainy days like today.

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