Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, New Blog

Hello Two Thousand Eight! it’s a brand new year and that means a brand new blog. I was blogging away on myspace at but the blog wasn’t about me, it was about the butterfly people which is me, but the human element was removed from that blog. The artist was removed which is strange when you think about it because any art when studied, if the artist is known, the artist is also significant. Anyone who wants to read it and its older posts is more than welcome to, its very bright and cheery, and features the pieces I’ve made during all of 2007, and part of ‘06. Things have changed since then, I have become full fledged artist. This doesn’t mean I was any less artistic, but I was on a journey from your usual 9-5er to a more independent way of life where your time is your time and your money is your money. Time is not necessarily money since you don’t get paid hourly, and the future is more uncertain since sometimes nothing is sold, other times many things are, such is the nature of art.

Through this new year, the blog will document the journey of yours truly, an artist who will try and make it freelancing, street vending, and independently managing his own finances in the greatest city on earth, Manhattan. You will either see me rise or fall by this time next year and hopefully when I reflect then, it will all have been worth it and a good experience for me. I am by no means unemployed, I will be working harder than ever, just in a different way. Stay tuned for some photographs of my latest pieces both large and small and feel free to visit my little piece of webspace at

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