Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Henna Woman (Mehndi)

So this idea pooped into my mind which was to create a butterfly person completely naked (I haven't made a standard nude in a while) and cover her in a henna design. So, I embarked on the journey which seemed very simple at the start but ended up being a whole lot of work to complete. After I sculpted the girl and painted her face, I began making the design on her body based on a dulhan mehndi hand henna design. She is nude and completely covered in henna on the front, I tried to be intricate with her hands and make the design as small as possible so that it looked authentic but after an hour or so of working on her, I began to try and speed up the process and made larger and larger designs. I used acrylic paints mixing black and brown to make that dark henna color before its removed and covered her in it. I really think she is unique and interesting. I have to start painting more figures instead of covering up all the sculpting with colored clay!
Pictures of her are below, she is one of my most amazing latest creations, definitely a replacement to afroregious which I sold a couple of weeks back.

The beginning, simple, beautiful

intermediate: I was already tired of painting at this point

End result: Definitely worth all the hard work I put into it!

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carbonamonona said...

Like your work very much... So, i hope one day, i´ll go to the big city, and will pick one of those beatiful sculptures u make.