Monday, March 2, 2009

I really like this latest piece because it sort of goes against what everyone else (not in the ceramic world, but at school) is trying to do. Most people want perfectly symmetrical pots especially when throwing on the wheel. I feel it is much more challenging to make something like this on the wheel which was created from a thrown cylinder and then thrown so thin that it began to buckle and collapse, after it was dry enough I then hand built the elements seen on it.
Its a very special piece because the figure and the flora/fauna on the pot finally relate to the thrown piece because the piece is very organic and looks somewhat like the earth or some rock formation of sorts. The piece is symbolic, allusions to the biblical Eve are evident with the snake on her shoulder, but there is a tiny clay butterfly on her arm as well to show her beauty and delicateness. The bananna leaves and plantains/banannas are a personal touch since I am half Dominican. She shares the pot with birds, two faces, and a turtle as well, and her hands sprout roots which "anchor" her to the form.
I cant wait until this is finished.

Thats gotta be the worlds smallest ceramic butterfly.

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