Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SHOW 2009

First of all, this is FREE
Second of all this is supporting ME
and third of all, you have nothing better to do and I gave you a weeks notice!
All jokes aside, I am participating in the annual student ceramic show at City College in Harlem next week, I am setting up this show and am sure to have an entire section with my work only. I think this is a nice retrospective of my work until the current point although it is a bit more scattered as far as subject matter goes than a traditional gallery would be. There is something for everyone, look for the reflective, metallic piece, its new!
I will be there to also meet/greet and talk about my work as well as support all the ceramic artists participating in the show.
Thursday the 12th, at FIVE PM (actual opening by Sylvia Netzer will be at 5:30pm)
The event will be in the Compton-Goethals building which is located on the South East corner of Amsterdam and 140th street, tell security you are here for the ceramics show in room 134 or in "the gallery". You can get there by car, cab, or take the A, C, B, D to 145th or the 1 to 137th street City College.
Hope to see you there and feel free to click on the picture above and print it out!

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Affirmation Figures said...

Hey Ben,
the set up is this weekend, it will be open after the opening next week on Thursday if you want to go the weekend of the 14th, but is closed Sundays.