Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wondering where to start? Use The Process!

Warning, this blog may give insight about my belief systems.
With the disclaimer out of the way, I must say that the latest piece is what I need to begin my journey back into the streets of NYC and make a living and also make an experience. People must realize that these small sculptures are like little records, as time progresses so do they, and they currently embody what some people call prayers, others call affirmations, others call meditations, others call creative visualizations. We are all RIGHT, prayer, affirmation, belief, whatever you call it is all about making something out of nothing. If you have a loved one who is ill in the hospital, you may take some quiet time and talk to God and ask for the person to be healed, and miraculously, they get better, or that promotion you wanted, or the car you wanted, etc. The Secret is a very popular subject right now, but people like Shakti Gawain and Kelly Howell have spoken about this for years. Anyway, my little figures are like physical reminders of this way of thinking, the current one displayed in this entry is amazing, she is how you make things happen in your life, from a new lover, to a new career, to taking out the trash, it all starts with something I call The Process.
The process is simple and we all use it, the problem is we don’t know about its power and take it for granted, leaving some things to chance while carefully planning others. The Process begins with an Idea/goal, my personal one in this case is to get back out into the street artist scene. These thoughts are fueled by excitement and anticipation, this good energy is needed to continue, you have to believe and also feel it, not just say its going to happen but expect bad results, expect good things! This enthusiasm gives way to ACTION! Action is important, because as much as we think of things, we have to do something to get the ball rolling, my personal thing in this case is doing this blog, talking to people, making a new website, and also getting my table and sculptures ready. After you have done something (action), you have to believe, really know that (im my case) its possible to be an artist/craftsperson and make a living selling your art directly to the public, longheld stereotypes about the starving artist (or whatever you may be conditioned into thinking) must be eliminated to allow beautiful things to happen. For example, thinking rich people are horrid will never allow you to enjoy money! With all this in place, sit back and watch the results come in, I should have written success in the end because only success can be found when these steps are taken.
By the way, this Process is not simply theoretical, my very existence in NYC attests to it, as well as my being in college and even being an artist, things I could have only dreamed of have become reality. Hopefully some of you out there will take these steps, you have nothing to loose!

Below are some pics of the oh so stunning woman that emerged from the clay.
You must click on the images to see them big!
The sketch was done on the bus but the actual piece is oh so much more stunning.


tonikra said...

woww! that is so great u r so talented! and u have also inspired me even more im fairly new to clay i just started useing paper and polymer clay! thanks 4 the inspiration!

tonikra said...

u should do a book or a dvd would b even better

thebutterflypeople said...

thank you tonikra, someday soon