Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Co-Gin gets a make over (Elia's)

My boys mom had a little co-gin that i made her a couple of years back, and it recently was dropped and one of its middle fingers broke off, its red butterfly wings, and also the little stalk which was on its head. I could not open the case because I had glued it shut, the only thing to do was to break it open.
Upon opening it, I was amazed that the little thing had been made by me, I haven't made co-gins in a long time so it was kinda fun. I took her home, and there made a new finger, and re-painted her. The faded eyes were livened up and opened up, her gray hairs were painted over as were her shoes, the absence of eye brows was fixed, and even a little red to the lips to allow them to show up, she looks brand new now with new wings, a new Mexican flag, and yellow roses because Elia is my friend, and the yellow rose symbolizes friendship... it also matches her wings. The calla lily is an important flower in Mexico.

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