Saturday, July 18, 2009

new section on website called "street vending"

I added street vending to the sidebar on the website, but its really an "events" or "schedule" page where my future vending dates will be posted. Some will be Union Square, others will be the NYC street fairs. I also plan on doing a couple of New Jersey fairs so keep clicking that page! On the bottom of the page are some pictures from street vending last year and beyond, I feel they really capture some of the spirit of the entire endeavor which as I described on the page, is really such a large part of creating the polymer clay people that the vending aspect is just about as important as creating the work, without one, the other doesn't work. My work is also geared towards public consumption, not saying I don't want what I want, or even that I sell out to (literally) sell out, but I make them philosophical for in some way I feel that since people see them even if they don't buy them that I can help instill some of the metaphysical concepts in peoples minds... yes I can save the world one person at a time.

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