Friday, July 17, 2009


Bring on the prosperous times ahead! The first NYC street fairs of the 2009 season are being announced right now. I cannot confirm though until Monday that these will actually be the ones I am at because I have not secured my space yet but the actions have been put into place for me to be at the following two street fairs

Sunday July 26th
52nd Association Jazz Festival
(on 52nd Street from Lexington - 7th Avenue)

Sunday August 2nd
Festival of the Americas
(on 6th Avenue from 42nd - 56th Street)

I'm very excited, street fairs have always been very good for me, though extremely stressful and with a ton of planning on how to get vehicles ready to drop off/pick up at the location before the time (if you come late, you cannot set up), and also to get picked up in NYC during busy times before the police kick us off the street, but its soo worth it and I cant wait! I will be bringing a lot of small pieces with me that have never before been seen. Lots of sparks, affirmations, and regular butterfly people!

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