Monday, January 11, 2010

blessed be

Howdy, 2010 is in full swing and I have began working on a piece that will set the ball rolling as you will.  The piece is a figure which will be painted and made to sit on the edge of a flat surface.  As I made shaped her, I thought about aesthetics: long limbs, wide hips, thick trunk with a curved belly and small head and breasts.  Its ironic since the figures of the past often had extremely large heads, breasts, and shortened limbs (to fit into their boxes). She shall represent all the great things to come this year.  She is 100% handmade without the use of molds for the symbolism of literally coming out of my hands, I know her face looks like a mold I used to use often, but I swear I made her face (i will do a how to blog for faces soon)... she is/represents creative expression which is what 2010 is all about (didnt you get the memo?).
I made her on my way to, inside, and from NYC yesterday.

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