Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Butterfly Woman

Simple lines can be so beautiful

Well, this one can definitely be called a butterfly woman.  I have painted shapes of butterflies flowing up from her right ankle up to her chest, her eyes are painted over with mask-like, wing-shapes, they perfectly fit the area where her eyes sink in, cheekbones protrude, and nose curves under.  The figure itself is a throwback to a couple of other figures I have painted in the past who were supposed to be painting themselves.  The figures of this type usually carry with them a painters palette and brush with actual colors of the paint they are painted with which is in this case black. 
I want to do so much with this piece but know I must stop here, I will soon make a series because I have to experiment with color and line to see what I like best, I want to do some with colored butterflies like the flower girl I made before

The butterflies are relatively representational, but these black and white pieces with lines like this are really the most important to me as they are directly taken from my childhood doodles.  Just ask Sherree, I never really did school work from grades k-12, I drew on sheets of paper, simply connecting lines together (usually a single line) and forming designs, after I got older, some of my doodles were so spectacular that I had them framed and kept as works of art, this work and others like it are an assimilation of sculpture and the art of doodling.

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