Monday, January 4, 2010

Two years - my thoughts

This is the two year anniversary of my blog, the first entry can be read HERE!
I must say that first entry fascinates me, did I really write it?  The art work, did I really make it?  It is me, but it is not me for I am a different person than the one about to embark on the journey of the independent artist.  I never did a followup blog because I forgot about that one, but I will say that exactly two years to the day, the journey was difficult.  I did not know anything about "the economy" and how it would affect me.  Being unemployed put me into a lot of credit card debt until I found the job at trader joes which wasnt until Febuary of last year.  It is currently undercontrol and almost all paid off, but became a real monster, note to self: never pay your rent with a credit card, cash advance interest is sky high.  I am content now, I do not look down on my hourly wage job; I may even have to get a second job soon for it has liberated my work to an extent which you will begin seeing in 2010.  Liberation?  I have experienced real censorship with my forays into street vending and selling art online.  I made fairies and a lot of figures that I look back on with grimace because I knew they would sell, they sold consistenly and quickly.  Even the faces of my work has changed, the ugly became the beautiful and the large and oversized became the idealized.  I was manufacturing hand made art and completely lost myself.  I had no style, I had no direction, I hated my own craft.  Now however since I dont feel that I must sell work to anyone, I can concentrate on things that really matter.  Surprisingly they are not just about the art object visually, but they are about ideas about life and the good laws that govern the universe that I am intersted in.  Hope, Love, Compassion, Growth, Spirituality.
2010 will be the best year yet for my artwork.

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