Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The blue textured work

The latest work of art is a woman inspired by the scleroderma piece on my website, I wanted a figure with that same presence and similar texture. This texture is not rough like the original, it is smooth, and eroded or peeling away. Blues and white colors blend together for a mottled, rustic appearance. Reminds me of when pigeons shit on a statue. After the jump, see her in progress from her humble beginnings.

click the pics to see some texture!

The color and position are where the similarities end with these two sculptures, this new work is a theatrical work which brings in some of the inspiration from my bronze sculptures about identity and masking the self, the figure is not a ode to mom, but a ode to herself, demanding respect by masking the very nature of her material... do I mean polymer clay or you mean her integrity as a abstract concept?  You decide.
Below are some photos of her humble beginnings here in front of the computer as well as the original blue and white (in the background) which initially inspired her creation.

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