Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forgiveness Flowers

Forgiveness Flowers.  Flowers of forgiveness. 
I have decided to create my own miniature ceramic pottery to house my handmade polymer clay flower bouquets and it hit me... the flowers could all have little signs in them (perhaps perched on toothpicks) that read, "Forgive" or maybe "Forgiveness".  I think that would be a very very awesome thing to put out into the universe, I could tell the story about forgiveness and also let the people who purchase them know they can take the sign out if they have other purposes for the bouquets. 
Making the pottery myself makes the pieces TOTALLY handmade, and also even more original and interesting because of the variety of shapes that can be achieved now without having to purchase them.  They will probably not be glazed, but rather painted with regular paints... we shall see.
Anyway, forgiveness is such a huge part of positive living and (more importantly) of self healing and self love, that I just feel the need to have all my future floral items be forgiveness flowers.  So stay tuned, I will be making some bouquets soon!
forgiveness flowers

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