Thursday, October 21, 2010

The obsession continues...

I am having a ton of ideas lately, tomorrow I will get the little pots from Keith back and begin working on some of the forgiveness flowers (polymer clay bouquets).  But in the mean time I TRIED to design a shirt on cafepress.... it looks REALLY dark like scarily, but I hope the actual design will print lighter because the image I used was dark, but not that dark.  I used a edited picture sort of like the ones in the last two blogs.  I love you is what she says.  I am obsessed with love because it is a new and exciting concept for me.  Love is not a new concept, but the use of love is amazing.  Did you know that you can use love to heal illness?  Yes, just surround and engorge the area with love that needs healing.  So often is a part of our bodies is not working properly or creates something we deem "ugly" or "dysfunctional" we literally hate it, we want it gone, we curse it... why not saturate it with love, love will dissolve any negative situation or thing.  So I am loving myself completely from now on, because a whole and complete person comes from a body which is loved entirely. 

Im gonna wear this shirt and take some photos when it comes early next month, stay tuned, if it is not as I imagined, I will design a new one... on a lighter color :-p

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