Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Crystal Dream

I had the most amazing experience the night before last where I was in-between being asleep and awake and I was both in my bed and also in this place were there were blue skies, green grass and pine trees (they looked like topiaries though) and interestingly enough there were lots and lots of giant crystals levitating around.  They were all in shades of green-blue or blue-green, and when you touched them with both hands, they refreshed you, and according to my guide (some lady who changed shape when prompted), they not only refreshed or flushed out your astral (non physical) body, but also your physical body... yes the one that was sleeping in bed at the time!

Anyway, today I put my "fairy realm" on ebay to see if anyone will buy it because I am ready to release it, and I notice crystals in there... they are jewelry but the sychronicity amazed me! 

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