Tuesday, March 29, 2011

stream of consciousness

Here are my thoughts.  Im glad to have a blog because last night I was up all night thinking about creating and cleaning and clearing and public exhibitions and stuff and it just kept my mind so darn busy that I found it hard to sleep, which is odd for me because I sleep very easily and as often as I want (usually). 
So I envisioned a public exhibition at a park, on the railings were the figures with real butterfly wings, it was like Union Square and there was an opening reception, I came and they allowed people to walk about and look at them.  As you know they are very whimsical and charming so people would whisper to each other as they pointed out their favorites, children all had smiles on their faces and the figures silent and stoic, entertained them.
It was a nice vision, the catch was that the figures were only held down with a soft adhesive similar to putty and that each one was to be left on-site until it either was taken away by someone, or knocked over or what have you; still mothers could be heard telling their children not to touch. 
Are you familiar with Life Underground, by Tom Otterness?  I had a vision that I made my own version of figures inside the subway stations, on the railings actually, and they were little people just sitting and waiting.  They were less abstract than his figures and much much smaller.  They were cast in bronze and welded on, though in this material had lost some of their fragility and novelty.  Months after their addition to the subway system I came in with a metal brush to clean the gum off and polish the oxidized metal sculptures.  This was all running through my head last night and today I thought, "well why not do it?" Sure!  So I went about looking for funding for individual artists and found many grants for organizations, and also a few for individuals, I did not seem to meet the criteria for most though and so have decided to let the universe find a way for me to make this a reality.  In the mean time I want to begin creating figures for tiny public exhibitions.  What do I mean by tiny? haha, well one figure shows to be precise.  A single work of art, taken to NYC, displayed, photographed, and then left to fate.  I used to do this sometimes in Union Square, but I was known for street vending there so it wasn't as anonymous.  I also used to leave them around times square and the subway stations.  The first one(s) will convey the message of love and comfort.  I want to create a figure hugging a doll, one of my dolls from Guatemala because I fell in love with that place, and also because it will show a human embracing a doll, often our first friends as children.  So today after clearing my 2nd room, now have the space and every new figure in the immediate future will be for display ONLY.  I dont have to worry about materials because I have many, and hopefully my "one figure public display shows" will eventually grow and encompass perhaps an entire trashcan (hahaha), or park bench.  Or if im lucky, even the railings in Union Square or Central Park.  

More soon.

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