Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mary's Annunciation gets a make over


I will be at Union Square tomorrow (today?) Friday, November 28, 2008 to sell some miniature sculptures for ya.

Only a few will be new, the two larger ones will be the guy in the last blog, who ended up not having wings because they did not look nice on him, and also the piece below.

This piece was conceptualized from one of the works of Guido di Pietro da Mugello, or better known as Fra Giovanni da Fiesole, or just simply Fra Angelico (Angelic Brother). He was born in at the turn of the 14th century and died in 1455. He is well-known for his fresco wall paintings, the polymer people above were modeled from his "Annunciation" which he painted at the Monastery of San Marco in Florence Italy around 1438-1445. The figures in the Annunciation are indicators of the artists ability to create shadows through shading and also the figures poses mimic the arches in the piece, yet my polymer figures do not interact with their space so intimately. They are a contemporized "annunciation", the announcement that one is pregnant is often a happy one, but not so in this case, the mother-to-be in my figures is in contemplation as Gabriel looks onto her.

The Fresco can be seen below.

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