Thursday, November 13, 2008

No More Street Fairs! + The Last Supper (Humanity) Piece

This vid comes as a sort of bitter sweet goodbye to the 2008 street fair season which last from Mid April until the middle of November. This was the last one, I must say that the 2008 street fair season was highly successful and I look forward to the Christmas season which begins now! Several Union Square dates will be posted in the schedule section, I will try and keep these regular so that I am easy to find.

*My other project with the polymer figures is coming along nicely, there are currently ten figures made, I want to have thirteen so I am very close to completion of the people to go in it, next step is to get my composition together, I will do several sketches and scan them for you to see. I am still relying on my inspiration from The Last Supper, I want to have thirteen figures interacting with each other, but have now decided that they all be female, is this a challenge to male dominance? Is this a celebration of the female body? Is this me not knowing how to sculpt the male form properly? Why? I want NUDE females because the Last Supper is being flipped on its head. The figures will contradict the classic version by turning the figures into their polar opposites, men become women, clothed figures become nude, and yet still retain that sense of communal harmony with each other. The human spirit must be captured through the interactions between the figures. The figures will not be white skinned, they will be various shades of brown from very light pinkish to very dark chocolate brown, this is present-day mingling of cultures, this is our future, this is now.

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