Sunday, November 2, 2008

stuff... a bit of a ramble

Hello everybody. Thoughts. The fall is really shining for the street fairs right? I feel they are more successful than the Summer ones and that is an interesting feat! There are only TWO left and then thats it!
This Saturday on Madison was awesome besides being able to see the Jan kaneko ceramic heads which are on display on 5th avenue and somewhere running the blocks of 44th-47th. They are amazing, go check them out before its too late!
Anyway, Saturday was awesome, thanks to you awesome people who love the butterfly people, I now have room to create even more pieces, all of the affirmation sisters have been sold and I plan on making many more! I also want to get into the Greek mythology groove by making my Artemis, I just need time, as I speak I am procrastinating completeting my paper for US History!
Expect to see me out and about much more often at Union Square Park particularly, NOW is the time to put in your holiday custom orders, with my current situation being I dont have a day job, your piece can currently be done within three to four days, when Christmas approaches, I may not be able to take any custom orders, so tell your friends to get theirs in as well ;-)
Today I went to Storm King, of which I will post a blog somehow relating to what I am going to do with my projects here, but my other blog ( will probablly be a more fitting a place to discuss such things.
I am currently re-thinking the butterfly people again! Dont worry, they will not change forever, but I have been looking them over and see they all have sort of always sat in their cases on their butts. It is time for a change, sure ive made standing ones, but very few. I have also had ones who lie on their stomachs, but now I want more, I am going to have to use more wire armatures for the new ones that will be hanging from branches or slithering around trunks of trees...
I also want to experiment with horns sort of as a second part to my return to Venus (of Willendorf) by giving the human figure antlers or horns, we are bestowing upon it certain powers which we would like them to have. Perhaps a male figure or two should be made.
Well, thats whats been new. I was inspried today by a video of Mark Di Suvero to make sketches of the pieces that I want to make and then to create from them instead of being very random in what I do.

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