Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Piece - el hombre extremo 1

Note, this blog contains polymer nudity, so although just clay I know some of you may be offended by it, this is your warning.

So lately I’ve been really wanting to make some male figures to embody the ultimate man. These figures are inspired by a real person who shall remain anonymous. I plan on making a series of these, the pose and at times features are a personal ideal, all of these figures will be various shades of brown. I just completed my first one, I am very happy with it, I enjoyed sculpting the physique, it is different than a woman’s body, more angular, less curvy and sensual and more bumpy for lack of a better term.

Below check out photos of the progress, which began with the head, went on to sculpting the chest and abdominals, penis, and onto the toes on the feet and the fingers on the hands, this was a new pose for me, taken from life. The figure will remain as is, uncolored and unpainted, to give a sculptural quality to the piece, there will still be wings though, clear cycad wings.

Click any pic to see it big.