Saturday, March 13, 2010

Forgive and be FREE

I created a little lady who really reminds me of the old works which were happy little ladies in colorful tattered skirts and shirts.  She is small enough to fit in your hand comfortably and carries with her a message: Forgive and be set FREE.  Forgiveness is the answer to many of our problems.  I am currently undergoing a personal, inner evaluation and cleanse in order to identify what I can change for the better.  Several negative behaviors have cropped up, common ones include being too critical or judgmental, having self doubt and fear, and holding grudges or resentment.  These negative beliefs and ideas hold you back!  The way to Freedom is through forgiveness.  Forgiveness literally sets you free from the shackles of self-imprisonment.  Holding grudges for people in our past does nothing harmful to them and everything to you, you become cynical, angry, and frustrated.  I have decided to take an active role and ask myself who I have to forgive, at first it seemed like there was one or two people, then I realized I had a lifetime of people to forgive, one at a time, including forgiving myself for things I have done in the past.  When you let go, all the guilt dissipates and the clouds part giving way to clear skies of understanding and love.  This work of art embodies these ideas.  Aesthetically, she is simplified, no huge breasts or nudity for she is humble, something I strive to capture in myself as of late.  The gestures are a slight beckoning and then release.

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